MortVaders Mali Conquest Tour :)

A guy named Howard Johnson posted on the Civ Gaming Network forum asking if anyone knew how to be a conqueror with the Malinese civilization. Since I've never played mali before, I thought I'd give it a go. This is the game setup I chose.
This is my start: cows and wheat.
I settle on the cows in order to get the wheat inside the city radius.
I start researching meditation to see if I can get to buddism first. Next is archery so I can activate the Skirmisher (the Mali Unique Unit)
Well well, I got buddism. Now this makes me think of building a wonder that generates great prophets: Stonehenge or The Oracle. I see stone right around the corner, so I will try to get my second city close to there.
Next I am researching Bronce Working. Axemen are important. And so is Iron, which is along this way in the research tree :)
Change of plan: I put my settler on hold for a while. First I want a skirmisher to defend my capital, next a worker instead, so I can start build a cobbermine, AND the stone came within my cultural borders. This is actually the first time I ever play a civ without the creative trait. I would not have expected my borders to reach the stone resource this early.
I discovered an Iron resource just outside my eastern borders. Now I know where that settler is going! So the worker will be concentrating on the stone, and right after the settler, I'll give it a go on Stonehenge.
Frederikshavn is founded right ontop of the iron. This way I dont need to build any mine here. And the resource will be pretty well defended I should hope. :)
ARGH! I've forgotten to research masonry. I can't build the stonequarry without that.
Stonehenge is done. Next I need to connect my two cities so that both may use the Iron. Next is to build up a decent defense.
Okay so far I havent been talking with the neighbours. Kublai Khan asked for an open borders agreement. I agree. I will need at least one friend for starters, it might aswell be him. I would like to eliminate Julius, if possible. I just fear those pretorians that much ;P A few turns later Rosewelt asked for open borders too, which I decline. Dont want everyone discovering how voulnerable I am right now.
After building some Skirmishers to defend Aalborg, I cant resist but to try for The Oracle. I can do it pretty quickly.
I am taking advantage of the open borders with Mongolia and check out Julius' land where posible. It is interesting that he has not yet built any iron mines here. This is the AI for you, I guess...
I am pressing the citizens in Aalborg to finish The Oracle as quickly as posible. Getting two prophet generating wonders here would be sweet!
NOOOOOOO! someone beat me to it. Now: Let's get on with the conquest plans! But first I am going to build a Library in both my cities. Then army production. I am almost ready to build catapults aswell!
Next I am researching currency. I need this to keep my economy reasonably healthy.
I got the first great prophet. Ofcourse he is used to build the Buddist Holy Shrine. This is good for business :)
An annoyed Rosewelt asks for open borders again. This time I agree. I need to improve relations with him. I am going to attack Julius in a couple of turns. I want to avoid a two fronted war, if possible.
Oops. Finally Julius is building iron mines. I must see if I can sabotage this. War is on.
I managed to destroy the mine. But with only one Skirmisher up here he should be able to reestablish it quickly. My army is now moving in from the south! My next research project is Feudalism.
Cumae is down. We're moving on shortly!
Pounding the gates of Rome. He never made an effort to retake the iron resource..
The only losses I suffered taking Rome was two catapults I sacrificed in return for some collateral damage to the defending archers.
I thought Antium was his last city. Apparantly not.. :P
I caved in and gave Kublai Khan some stone as he demanded. I shall remember this insolence though. I just want to integrate the fallen Roman empire into the Malinese before the next conquest.
Well well. The last city is the Christian holy city. This will be a nice gem for me. I am researching towards literature now. I want to build the Heroic Epic.
It is actually a great thing with the spiritual trait, that you can just shift around your civics at will, all the time. No anarchy isn't that useless afterall. I am pulling all my army back to Aalborg. I think the next in line COULD be Rosewelt. Not sure yet., but he just cancelled our open borders treaty.After drama (for the cheap culture) - my next research goal is Education. Need to get the universities up in order to keep or extend my lead. Rosevelt demanded Drama from me right after I got it. I refused him. De did not declare war over it. I will start preparing to take him swiftly: build loads of catapults and swordsmen. My research is down to 50% at the moment. Not good. I need to get the old Rome up and running to balance things up. Firtsly I am building cultureboosting buildings, next marketplaces & courthouses.. And cottages!
I got another prophet, and moved him to the Christian holy city, where he built the shrine. This helped my economy a bit. I think I'll pump out some missionaries from up here.
I am still not observing anything stronger than longbowmen in american territory. Soon it will be time for me to strike his capital.
I got a great engineer in my capital Aalborg. I am moving him to Antium, which could really need a culture boost. Here he is used to instantly construct the Sistine Chapel.
I have started moving towards Washington with my army. Before I cross the border, I observe a single maceman in Philidelphia. This means that I must capture and destroy his ironsource at all cost. Unfortunately it is pretty far away:
Until I can get more powerfull units myself, I am building axemen and promoting them all with Shock. Together with their inherent anti-melee unit ability, this gives them a total of +75% vs melee. Better than just running screaming away :D
Well HEY! Check out his "awesome" homedefense in Washington!! It apears that he has only 1 single maceman... I think I can cope :P I havent seen whats in New York ofcourse, but I doubt it will be enough to make me frown...
BOOM, HEADSHOT. (Sorry.. I also play CounterStrike..)
After getting Education, I am heading for Liberalism (for the free tech) and then Chemistry for the grenadiers. The game might be over by then though, I expect..
New York down. No more iron for mr. Rosewelt. This game is as good as over!
Oh. One last AI effort to make this interesting: Mongolia declares war. Okay then..
I am losing Neapolis and Antium. I hope to be able to keep Rome though.
I am changing my research plans to go directly towards macemen. Damn it.. I dont even have the time to build universities :(
I am leaving Atlanta alone for the moment. It seems too expensive to take right now. Instead I have targeted Boston.
In the north, Mongolia is not doing their job properly. They haven't bothered taking Neapolis yet, and I managed to hold Rome. Kublai sacrificed a small army trying to take it with way too few catapults.
Boston goes down. Sweet. Kublai Khan haven't shown much will to conquer anything yet. Soon I will be cranking out Macemen, and my focus will go from the remains of America to the puny state of Mongolia.. (:D)
I got macemen now, and Khan has Knights I just discovered.. But I can outproduce him any day, so it doesn't help much.
Only one american city left now. A worthless one. I tell Rosewelt to give me enginering in return for peace. He accepts.
Next Kublai asks for peace. I accept. Now I can build a proper army, so he can be done with.
I was the first to discover Liberalism. For my free tech I chose Printing Press. It leads to Replacable Parts, which leads to Lumber Mills. Which leads to higher production :)
Now let's get this overwith. I raze Beshbalik. Just to prove that I want him off my planet :) Heading right for Karakorum, his capitol. Go for the throat.
The stench of rotten Mongolian corpses corrupt the otherwise fine air over the ruins of Karakorum. Hail the Malinese Conqueror!
Next is Turfan... Nothing left but scraps now.
..or the smoke from it..
Last Mongolian stand is Antium..
Now I certainly must be the winner?? Yeah! at last.
hmmm... I never did get around to building those universities.. If you'd like, you can check out the last autosave from the game here.